Satwind Investments

A holding company that has two areas of action


 Finantial Area

Finantial Holding Company: Inversiones Satwind is a shareholder in major listed companies.


Business and Management Area

Holding Company: Satwind Investments is a shareholder and manages private enterprises of different activities and areas, diversifying risk in order to achieve stable growth of the Holding.

Our philosophy is based on direct management of unrelated business, in which we have controlling share,in order to safeguard their independence.

Holding Company

Roots (Cultural Background) and Values

Inversiones Satwind, was set up in the 23th September in 1994, which has an industrial background. Production of metallurgical coke and electrical energy was its principal activity during many years.

 ü  In parallel, it begun analizing and developping other different activities apart from producing metallurgical coke, either by self-developed ideas or by company acquisition or equity funding. As a general matter, acquiring significant shareholding and the management of invested companies in order to implement our company and management philosophy with the objective of optimizing the results in business environment and all walks of life, and adding value to our social environment and the human and career development of the staff of our teams.