City of the Ideas and Projects.


Located at the crossroads between Bilbao and Barakaldo and only 2 kilometers away from the center of Bilbao, and on an area of 200,000 m2, we have projected to build “The City of the Ideas & Projects”, a space full of life, dynamism, innovation and creativity with openness to an international projection.

Consideration has been given to its architectural design combining new and residential buildings through the adaptation, transformation and rehabilitation of old buildings, edifices plentiful dotted with historical memory, that will meet the needs of the new entrepreneurs, as it is flexibility of uses and the economy of resources, so through the concept of “Productive-Loft”, they will find a place to Create, Produce and Live.

  • HISTORICAL HERITAGE: The “CASA TORRE DE ZUBILETA”, integrated into the project, where JUAN DE ZUBILETA lived, (and that enter the project name, one of the 18 survivors that finished the FIRST ROUND-THE-WORLD TRIP (1519-1522), began by Fernando de Magallanes and commanded at his arrival by Juan Sebastián Elcano.
  • LOCATION: It is located only 2 kilometer away from the center of Bilbao straight ahead, and 4,5 kilometer on the road. It is situated halfway between Bilbao and Barakaldo, in the center of the “conurbation” of the metropolitan area of Bilbao, with about one million of inhabitants and the most populous area in the Basque Country and the sixth one in Spain.
  • INTERNALISATION AND INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE: We think that due to the characteristics of this Project, in addition to its Historical and Industrial Heritage, its area of influence not only will it reach the before mentioned population, but it will develop its potential for expansion and influence with an outward-looking to the UE and Cross-Continental Projection.